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  • Are We Basically Bad or Fundamentally Fine?
    Surprisingly Different Views on Human Nature and Why it Matters


July 10 2015 - doors open at 11:15 AM  **  


Quaker Station
135 South Broadway, Akron Ohio

Brian Starks, PhD.

Associate Professor of Sociology, Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, GA

Brian Starks is currently Associate Professor of Sociology at Kennesaw State University, Atlanta GA, where he teaches sociology of religion and methods of research. Previously, he directedBrian Starks, PhD. the Catholic Social and Pastoral Research Initiative (CSPRI) at the University of Notre Dame. CSPRI’s crucial mission was to advance the well-being of the Church through social science. As part of that initiative, he wrote a number of research reports on Catholic giving including “Unleashing Catholic Generosity” (which he co-authored with Christian Smith). Besides his research on generosity and religious giving, Dr. Starks has written extensively on Catholic identity and on religion and parental values. He grew up in the Midwest as a DRE’s kid and, along with Tom and Rita Walters, he recently conducted and reported on a national survey of Diocesan Directors of Religious Education.

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